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Pond Maintenance Suffolk & Surrounding Area

Drain-down, Clean, Refill

We were contracted to carry out Pond Maintenance in Bures, Suffolk

The job entailed draining and cleaning a dirty pond

Task 1 : Drain some existing pond water into a holding tank
Task 2 : Safely remove fish and place in a holding tank
Task 3 : Drain raining water from the pond
Task 4 : While the water drained, the filter was cleaned
Task 5 : Using a pond vacuum, debris and residual water was removed
Task 6 : Hose down the empty pond
Task 7 : Vacuum out water
Task 8 : Checks and cleaning were carried out
Task 9 : Fill the pond
Task 10 : Added products, accordingly, and carry out PH test
Task 11 : Carefully placed the fish back nto the pond
Task 12 : Added some of the water, unfiltered, from the holding tank back into the pond
Task 13 : Made good the area before leaving
Task 14 : Waste material (weed etc) bagged

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