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Aquarium Installation -
Essex & Surrounding Area

Re-using an Existing System

We were contracted to carry out a new Aquarium Installation in Colchester, Essex.

This job was to drain-down an existing tank, clean the tank, and set up a new saltwater back-drop with livestock.

In addition, it was necessary to service and replace a number of parts - stored in the under-tank cupboard.

Task 1 : Drain down existing tank
Task 2 : Remove all contents
Task 3 : Clean the tank
Task 4 : Lay new sand and set up scenery items
Task 5 : Service and replace parts in the under-tank cupboard
Task 6 : Partially fill (pre-prepared water)tank and set up additional tank scenery
Task 7 : Clean any areas of the glass that may have been missed
Task 8 : Added products, accordingly, and carry out PH test
Task 9 : Fill tank
Task 10 : Float livestock and allow for climatisation
Task 11 : Carefully release livestock into their new environment
Task 12 : Turn on illuminations

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